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Terms & Conditions of Use


All Material in this site has been created by Dr Trifon Madas
© T. Madas 2004-21. All rights reserved.

  • You do not need permission/licence to visit/download from this site.

  • The contents may be viewed online or downloaded for personal use.

  • I further permit schools and academic institutions to use these resources within a whole class, online or otherwise. The only exception is the PROJECT MATHS which is a licensed product for which a licence must be purchased for use in a school or an academic institution.

  • No material from this site is to be distributed from other sites or included in any publication without prior permission by the creator of this material.

  • Examining boards or academic institutions may use, borrow, adapt material for use in exams by obtaining a retrospective permission, which I will automatically grant in order to protect the integrity of these exams. [This includes boards and institutions which I have no association at present]


  • All information and material has been compiled in good faith by Trifon Madas.

  • I will not be held responsible for any loss suffered as a result of the information or knowledge of anyone acting upon any of the material available in this site.

  • To the best of my knowledge I have not blatantly copied material from any third party although I have used ideas and adapted material which may have been copyrighted. Where material has been adapted I have substantially changed it to the extent that I can call it my own. If you believe this not to be the case, I sincerely apologise without any reservations. Please contact me and I will ensure, if we both feel this is the case, for the material to be removed from the site immediately.

  • There will be errors when one considers the sheer size of these resources including typos, obvious numerical errors, errors due to copying, occasional mismatches, and I sincerely hope NOT the odd mathematical blunder! If you feel offended by any of the above, please notify me and I will try to correct these in the first available opportunity.

  • Should you have any queries, questions or feedback about the site, please click HERE to contact me.


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