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MadAsMaths.com :: Home


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of creator/owner of the MadAsMaths website, Trifon Madas. This website will remain freely available for all its users, in his memory. However, please note that it will have a static format, there will be no further updates and the Contact form has been deactivated.



Free Resources for Students and Teachers of Mathematics.


In the 33 years of my involvement with mathematics I have produced, collected and accumulated a huge number of resources in many different forms.

I have used these resources with my teaching and lecturing, guiding several students into their mathematical careers.

Most of the material I have created is contained in this website and an overview is shown below.


  • For Secondary School Pupils

  • Project Maths (Over 700 PowerPoint Presentations suitable for teachers and pupils)

  • For Sixth Formers

  • Mathematical booklets, classified by topic, with a large number of questions and full solutions.

  • Practice papers with full solutions.

  • For Undergraduates

  • Mathematical booklets with questions and full solutions.

  • Practice papers with full solutions.

For the latest news click HERE.


The aim of this website is to give away mathematical resources, absolutely free!

It will give me immense pleasure to know that I have contributed to the education of yet more mathematicians, even if I did not personally meet them.



[... and the homepage would not be complete without answering one of the most frequently asked questions ...

     No, I do not post/help in TSR anymore because in my opinion it has little educational value, and is mostly run by talentless immature individuals ....]





Unfortunately I cannot put on the website past papers and solutions for examining boards or Universities due to copyright restrictions. I possess past papers for all A level boards and all modules, with some boards going back as far as the seventies. I will investigate ways into sharing these resources in the future.



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